¨Personal power never shows up as power «over» other people, it

Shows up as power «with» other people ¨

*some keys about Powerful people

1-They are always learning :

Powerful people know that they can always learn something new, in any situation, with any people, from anyone.

2-Powerful people consider how their plans affect everyone concerned

People that know their own power also know that every decision they make will not only affect them, but everyone they are connected to — and they’ve learned how to create a plan that will not only be of benefit to them, but it will benefit everyone else involved too. They recognize a win-win situation faster, and they are good at creating win-win opportunities.

3-Powerful people know what their strengths are and they want to share them freely

Powerful people know that they don’t need to worry about «competition»… because mainly, there isn’t any. They know that there is only one of them, and that their own talents and gifts are unique. For them, collaboration is far more powerful than competition or even cooperation.

4-They know how to tap into their «Inner Winner

They recognize times when they’ve had success and they remember to tap into that energy again and again. They build community with other powerful people automatically because their ability to tap into that winning energy is like a magnet that attracts others with the same winning capacity

5-Powerful people live in a state of gratitude

They have developed their «abundance radar» actively seeking and noticing the areas in which they are abundant. They are masters at finding evidence of what they want to create again and again until creating empowering situations and experiences is the easiest and most natural thing in the world for them. Reaching out that, the abundance happens automatically.

6-Powerful people practice active integrity

They do what they say they’re going to do. This doesn’t have to be difficult. Just do what you say you’re going to do. The bonus of this active integrity is that you automatically become more trustworthy, and when you are trustworthy, you attract other people who you can trust. This builds strong relationships, and that is a bonus win-win for building personal power. 

7-Powerful people are willing to have a difficult conversation

No one likes a difficult conversation, but a powerful person doesn’t avoid them. Avoidance is the number one symptom of victim mentality, and when we are living with a victimhood mentality we are nothing if not powerless.

Growth Mindset

Personal power is a choice, and you can easily start building your personal power today.

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